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Hi Friends!

a note from Craig & Kelly

At FireRock Station, you can count on your event to go smoothly for a rockin’ good time! As an event destination partner, we want your vision to come to life by helping to plan, execute and entertain an unforgettable, epic event. This venue was built with you in mind and we are thrilled to be part of your special occasions! As a family and team, we are here to relieve any burdens by being budget-friendly, caring, creative and supportive. Located only ten minutes from Boone, Valle Crucis and Tennessee, it's a beautiful destination to relax and gather amidst the Appalachian Mountains. Let us know what celebration you want to cherish next!

That is a loaded question and one we’re not entirely sure how to answer.

We could offer up just the facts …

Where are we from? Texas

How many kids do we have? six

How many grandchildren do we have? eleven

How long have we lived in North Carolina? eleven years

About  us?

Why FireRock Station? 

And yet, what we really want you to know in this “About Us” section is who we are in terms of beliefs and values and what it is that makes our spirits soar and our hearts beat faster.

We believe in God’s word and in His promises,

We think a strong cup of coffee, or a really cold Dr. Pepper first thing in the morning is essential to starting the day off right.

And that Dolly Parton should, at the very least, run for Congress.

With all of that being said, it is our hope that when the party’s over, the music fades, and the lights go out, you are left wishing that your time here at FireRock Station had lasted a bit longer.

Thanks so much!



sweet notes

"I wanted to take just a few minutes to thank the Firerock Venue and staff for a PERFECT day!
The sincere hospitality, genuine empathy to meet every single need and end results of our overall event will never be expressed enough through words. While we all know nothing is perfect in life, the staff and venue were literally PERFECT! I also wanted everyone to know that the staff should be considered irreplaceable! The constant attention to every detail was nonstop. Please pass on our sincerest appreciation for how WONDERFUL they are!
Thank you again for everything and we will share your venue with everyone we come in contact with!"
Candace Hartley & The Harmon’s 

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